TUSACOTERMICO launches a range of thermal products. Our bags contain carob bean seeds, their main property is to maintain during more time the heat and the cold. That is why they are perfect to relieve arthritis, headache, muscle pain, among other pains. In order to offer a quality product, we choose the seeds and we make the bags in a traditional way, thinking always of everyone's particular needs. So, we have made a range of bags in different sizes, colours and designs.


6 models of thermal bag:

Size Thermal Bag


Heat Therapy:

The hardness of the seed let mantain the heat along a longer period of time. You only have to introduce the bag in the microwave for around 2 or 3 minutes and it will be ready to use it. The main difference between the hot water bottle, the heating blanket and tusacotermico bags is its security. With our bags you avoid any chance of short circuit or being burned with the water.


Cold Therapy:

The bag of carob bean seeds has the property to adapt itself to every part of the body where you want to use it, without freezing, as it happens with the gel bags. You can introduce it in the freezer for more than two hours, and the seeds will be still loose and cold.



Thermal bag general use:






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